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Accord Services provides publicity and administration services for holiday property owners and benefits from over 20 years experience in tourism.

Quality : Exclusive holiday properties representing some of the very best in the area. We know the property and endeavor to provide you with full and honest information so you can decide and book with confidence. The comprehensive property descriptions are backed up by local knowledge and we can always offer advice to help you choose the accommodation that best suits you needs.

Value for money : Being French-owned properties the prices are in Euros, but our service offers you the convenience of choosing from properties presented in English without the high commission rates added by many companies. Our aim is to provide you with excellent value for money.

Simplicity : Booking is made as easy as possible, with payments made by card by telephone (no surcharge). You can pay by bank transfer if your prefer. A clear detailed Booking Form is available on the site so that you can study the letting contract, charges and conditions before you book. If you read everything carefully there are NO surprises.

Reliability of information

Every effort is made to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and that links to other websites offer good quality up to date information. The content of other websites is beyond our control. We decline all responsibility for any errors or omissions or for any predudice whatsoever that may be caused to a reader, to an advertiser or to a site that we link to.


All text and images are subject to copyright of Accord Services © 2021 unless belonging to another person or company for inclusion on this site with their agreement or credit (unauthorised reproduction on internet or in other media is prohibited).

Some images of the locality are widely visible on internet. If we have unwittingly infringed a copyright on any of these we will gladly include a mention of the author or remove the image from the site.

Whilst we endeavor to avoid portraying people in a recognisable manner in photos of local places or events these photos will show members of the public. Photos may also show commercial establishments. If you wish to have a photo removed from publication please let us know and we will act on your request.

Suggested complementary services and products

Travel discounts or other benefits, complementary products or services may be indicated as a hand-on service to affiliate companies, with whom the client may make their own arrangements and do not constitute a package sold by us.

Webmaster details

Martin Holmes, trading as Accord Services, SIRET N° 3381 4409 9000 24, offering Internet, media, translation and publicity services to holiday property owners and service providers.
Any letting contract established is between the client and the property owner(s) or local agency concerned.

Tel. 0033 682 45 16 82
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Vous souhaitez publier votre location saisonnièrre pour le marché britannique et anglophone ?

Notre service offer un moyen efficace d'aborder les vacanciers britanniques et anglophones. Notre présence dans les moteurs de recherche d'Internet en anglais est quasi-imbattable et nous diffusons une large gamme de publicité sur le marché britannique, assurant un remplissage performant, même en dehors de juillet et août. Traduction soignée de vos textes, français - anglais ou rédactions de textes spécifiques pour le marché anglophone.

Votre propre site internet est invisible ?

Vous êtes las de voir que votre site Internet de gîte ou chambres d'hôtes n'est toujours pas visible dans les moteurs de recherche ?
Vous êtes au démarrage de votre projet touristique et vous avez besoin d'un site Internet qui marche ?
Vous êtes inquiets par les changements dans Google qui rends votre site inaccessible sur des appareils mobiles ?
Accord Services est spécialisé dans la construction de sites Internet adaptés aux besoins spécifiques de la presentation de locations saisonnières.

Contactez Accord Services pour des solutions vraiment efficaces pour votre site Internet et la visibilité de votre location saisonnière.